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Oct 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
. is there a way -- are you doing anything to get into the race cycle with obama and romney? host: what do you say? guest: right now i'm excluded from the first debate. the commission is the presidential debate commission and that is private and made up of republicans and democrats with no interest in seeing a third voice on stage. we have filed three lawsuits to get me on stage based on other third-party candidates who have filed lawsuits. there doesn't seem to be much hope. we filed on the antitrust round, something that has not been done before. host: how much do these debates matter and what are you looking for to hearing on wednesday? guest: the debates are tandem tantamount to me having a chance of winning. you can close the lid on winning the election. is winning getting enough votes to cause one of the other two who ends up winning to give more than just lip service to these issues? potentially. i view this as a victory every single day. there are so many people -- i think i speak on behalf of the majority of americans. i think they consider themselves fiscally responsible and socially res
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
, president obama is doing things to help everybody in the country. romney, first of all, i do not even understand how he is allowed to be in the race. he said something about iran, they should send a dirty bomb into chicago. how can you say something out of your mouth like that? he should be reprimanded for that. this guy is just way off. lawrence,s hear from idaho falls, republican. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i finally got a new phone and i guess it really works. anyway, what i have to say, you know, if you are going to meet with the united nations and you are right up there and you cannot take time out to do it because you are afraid that you will be seen as the president of the united states, if you're going to be president, obama, the president. that is what i have to say. host: we have some fresh facebook comments. host: this message from twitter -- host: we will see what happened this morning. josh, va., independent caller. caller, i listened to the obama speech the other day and i found it very interesting. i found myself agreeing with what he had to say
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
debates to change -- tunisia in. mitt romney have three debates to change the dynamic of this race. he might not have a better opportunity. the thing that we do every four years, those of us in the new business, is we treat this like a big boxing match where somebody knocks somebody else out, and that almost never happens. guest: there are a couple of examples. there is dan quayle, and lloyd bentsen saying i know jfk, you are no jfk. we watched al gore as he was signing and moaning for rob the debate with george w. bush, which cost him a lot -- sign in and moaning throughout the debate the george w. bush, which cost compared the -- cost him the debate. if there are not a lot of those 47% comments that president running mate -- did i say president running? -- mitt romney? mitt romney apologized. host: let's look at tom and said governor romney made yesterday about the debate. -- that governor romney made yesterday about the debate. [video clip] >> there is a lot of interest, people want to know who will win, who will score, and in my view it is not winning and losing, or the people them
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
to the message that mitt romney has offered, it appeals to more conservatives. virginia has a conservative republican party. mitt romney it may not have been the first choice. there is a third-party candidate who may impact the race a little bit. the third party can that is running as a conservative. that may impact the outcome. the more conservative voters are coming home for romney and the liberal voters for obama. you have distinctions geographically. what will matter for obama is enthusiasm. you have a large number of people that are not from virginia. they have to go to some trouble to registered to vote. you have young college students. all these issues point to the question of enthusiasm. for obama to do as well, he needs to rekindle that enthusiasm. this is one of the challenges that the obama team faces, not just in virginia. host: this is johnny. caller: thank you. when the candidates campaign there, in other times you do not see the long shot to get an idea of what kind of crowds they are drawing. what types of crowds of the candidates getting when a campaign? -- when they campa
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am EDT
poll. for a long time now, they've been showing this race as even. right now, they're saying -- and this gets updated daily, about 9:30 in the morning -- and they president obama and mitt romney both at 46% nationwide. and when leaners are included, it's tied at 48% apiece. and the swing state daily tracking poll, they also have this, and they have that tied as well, obama 46%, romney 46%. again, this is from scott is a republican in colorado springs. hi, scott. caller: how you doing? host: good. what do you think about the campaign media coverage so far? caller: it's a joke. i flip through the channels, and they are totally biased. the thing that really gets me is you have romney going on, the different outlets, but yet obama, he's going on "the view" and david letterman, but he won't come on fox. it seems like he really, really avoids the tough questions, and he really can't answer the questions on the economy. i'm here in colorado, and it's just as bad here as it is anywhere else. i hope during this election that they'll have the debates here in denve
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
that did not have a candidate they favored in this race, they would have been doing this story from the beginning. why are our embassies so vulnerable? we have also had the story of the secret tape that mother jones put out about mitt romney at a fund-raiser. the network news executives said we will give that 88 minutes of news time on our morning newscasts. this is not a story that deserts 88 minutes of this time. the obama administration says this is as good as a campaign ad for them so the morning shows have given it a lot of time. we have serious things that happen the last two weeks. the inspector general came out with this report on the assertion's handling of fast and furious. they gave seven minutes to that. we have a news media that does not hold the obama administration accountable and are trying to destroy the mitt romney presidential campaign. that is not what objective news media does. host: how does the coverage of the tape that mother jones released compare to the release of the statement from ben candidate obama when he was campaigning in san francisco and he said in
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
who lost in 1972, bob dole -- on november 6 either obama or romney will face defeat. how will they handle it? coming up in a few moments, jill stein will be joining us from boston to talk about her race for the presidency. later, virgil goode on his own third-party bid. good morning, nancy. >> on today's talk shows, the focus is campaign 2012 and the upcoming presidential debates. appearing on several of these shows is chris christie. c-span radio brings you three years beginning with me to the press. white house senior adviser and ralph reid. at 1:00 hear "this week" including christ christie, haley barbour. at 2:00 it is fox news sunday. chris wallace sits down with paul ryan. the state of the union follows with guests including john mccain and roy blunt, martin omalley, and david axelrod. at 4:00, the host of the face the nation talks with crist christi, newt gingrich, and marha blackburn. they are brought to you as a public service by the network and c-span. they began at noon eastern with "meet the press," "this week, fox news sunday, state of the union, and face the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7